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JEI Philosophy ==>

"A Better Life Through Better Education" is the philosophy behind JEI's internationally acclaimed Self-Learning Method. The JEI Self-Learning Method enables all children to learn and reach their full potential with its unique individualized study program. JEI's method will help develop confidence in children with individually paced, step-by-step learning. Once children gain confidence and begin to enjoy learning independently, their potential grows exponentially.

Take the Diagnostic Test at a JEI in Parsippany, NJ to get started. It will pinpoint the lacking areas and prescribe an individual study program based on needs.

JEI's comprehensive diagnostic system will analyze each student's test results and prescribe an individual study program. The individualized learning program is tailored to each student's needs and abilities, which creates an optimal educational environment. Each student learns at his or her own pace so that each new concept and skill is mastered thoroughly before progressing to the next level. With a prescriptive learning program based on the individual needs and abilities of each child, your child is one step closer to academic success.

Pure Academics ==>

Our learning programs are well-aligned with State standards. The curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding of Math, English, and Reading & Writing. Teachers encourage children to think and reflect. Our programs emphasize the following:

Math: JEI Math focuses on conceptual understanding. Each level is designed with specific study objectives and provides a step-by-step approach.

English: The program will help to improve core concepts. It is designed to build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills.

Reading & Writing: This is a literature-based enrichment program which promotes analytical reading and writing skills. It features different genres of literature.

Problem Solving Math: Intended for advanced students, the program sharpens skills and challenges advanced Math students.

Brain Safari: JEI Brain Safari strengthens logical and critical thinking abilities. It also enhances creativity and memory proficiency.

Monitoring ==>

For each grade level in Math and English, JEI provides a unique and comprehensive diagnostic test. Upon taking the diagnostic test, each student will receive a detailed 2-page report, the Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR). The IPPR provides an accurate computer analysis showing the student's strengths and areas where improvement is most needed.


A strong foundation is essential for success! At JEI, we strive to create the environment and mentality for your child to learn and succeed. You will see the difference in your child. Our curriculum is based on tested and proven approach. The JEI method has helped millions of students worldwide solve their problems en route to academic excellence. However, the most important aspect of the method is that it instills in all children self-confidence and the desire to reach higher academic achievement.

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